Flyover 8 - Pathways

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Flyover 8 - Pathways
57 in
36 in
(145 cm x 91 cm)
Photo Credit
Rick Wells Photography
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A rumpled aerial view, possibly found stuffed in a trunk in the attic. Land and sea (the viewer can decide which part is which), crisscrossed by the multiple paths taken by people, animals, mining operations, gas and oil pipelines, merchant ships, wars, migrations, cyclones, earthquakes, erosion, agriculture, and on and on through the ages. “Nothing new under the sun,” says Ecclesiasticus. We keep making “new” explorations over ancient territories without regard for the claims of our forebears or of fellow creatures. What must the birds think of us?
Cotton batik, cord, sequin remnants
Couched, pleated, appliquéd, hand embroidered, machine quilted