The Watchers

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The Watchers
45 in
45 in
(114 cm x 114 cm)
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My studio is the outdoors. That’s where I take my pictures and find my inspiration—that’s where my ideas spring forth. Back home I sit in front of my computer and relive all those moments out in the desert, hiking through the wide-open landscape and learning about nature’s ways.

Rocks are a particular focus of mine. Multicolored and etched with nature’s designs, the large expanse of rock exposed in the deserts of Arizona and Utah provides me with a palette of color and line that I incorporate into my quilts. Formed by wind and water over the eons, the rocks provide a record of the changes they have experienced. These stories captured in rock are what motivate me.
Photographs, cotton sateen
Digitally manipulated, printed, machine quilted, hand embroidered