Slot Canyon #6

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Slot Canyon #6
53 in
39 in
(135 cm x 99 cm)
Photo Credit
Doug Conley
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After visiting Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona, I was drawn to create a series of works based on the exquisite geology and the play of light through the rocks. These unique canyons are created by violent flash floods and are formed only when geological and environmental circumstances are just right.

Human activity is constantly transforming the surface of our planet, very often in ways that are detrimental. As increased greenhouse gases lead to warming, weather and storm patterns shift. Increased agriculture and population leads to damming of rivers and rerouting of runoff. Human interest in natural wonders can lead to over-visitation and erosion or damage to irreplaceable formations. Let us always act with thoughtfulness and with the goal of conserving our resources for the future.
Applipieced, free motion machine quilted