The Web of Life - Earth

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The Web of Life - Earth
30.5 in
24.5 in
(77 cm x 62 cm)
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The Web of Life: Earth explores relationships and the ways in which we are interdependent with other forms of life on Earth. The shape of cells made from a variety of fabric, clothing, and recycled yarn remnants highlights the disconnectedness among various elements. The quilt is pieced using freehand improvisational techniques, randomly woven and stitched. The techniques have
an important meaning for me both as a compositional device and as a continual activity. My hands participate in the process of the intricate linking of the irregular pattern of threads. In fact, one can see the process through the complexly interwoven and intricately entangled threads covering the work.
Wool, cotton, polyester, recycled blanket
Woven, stitched