Desolation Relief

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Desolation Relief
48 in
36 in
(122 cm x 91 cm)
Photo Credit
Tom Liden
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Desolation Relief portrays a small portion of the topography of the Desolation Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada. Depicting the earth’s contours with couched yarns, discovering the water’s path from Gilmore
Lake, and learning to recognize the slopes and the escarpments, were all part of the creation quest that brought back memories of walking up the steep trail past fields of scree, granite cliffs, and hidden meadows. It had never occurred to me that quilting would lead me to a deeper appreciation of this granitic landscape, where
I made my first backpacking trip years ago. Fiber has played a central role in my life, so it is fitting that threads create the structure for abstract earth shapes.
Hand and machine couched, hand dyed, hand embroidered, machine stitched