Textile Talks: Primal Forces: Earth

Conversations with the Artists

Join us for artist talks with three exhibiting artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Primal Forces: Earth. We'll be hearing from Paula Rafferty, Kit Vincent, and Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry about their work.

Primal Forces: Earth is the first in a new, three-part series to premiere at the National Quilt Museum over the next six years. All life on this planet depends on earth. However, the soil beneath our feet that nurtures us can be a destructive force. Seismic activity and mudslides have shaped the landscape for millions of years, taking a toll on living beings as well.

Exhibition Benefactor
Frank Klein

About the Artists


Paula Rafferty is an Irish Quilter, textile artist and quilt judge who has been quilting since 2002 when she joined the Irish Patchwork Society. Paula loves to travel, teach and exhibit her work internationally and is happiest when elbow deep in dyes and paint!

Working with cloth excites the explorer in Vincent. Her aim is to discover new expressions in art that feel contemporary but are rooted in the history and practice of quilting.  

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry is internationally recognized for her award winning fine art quilts.. She is best known for her organic, curved seam designs, her scintillating use of color, and her illusions of light, depth, and motion. Her attention to detail has earned her a reputation for fine craftsmanship as well as stunning designs.