Virtual Gallery Program

Both SAQA Global Exhibitions and the Virtual Gallery Program feature exceptional member art exhibitions. Global Exhibitions have been, and will continue to be, hosted in premiere brick-and-mortar venues around the world. The Virtual Gallery Program offers members opportunities to present their work to the public via exhibitions crafted exclusively for online viewers.

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2024 Calls for Entry:  

Ritual (curated by Lisa Flowers Ross) - call open February 2024
Conversations in Mad Matters (curated by Brandon Wulff) - call open May 2024
Off the Wall (curated by Andrea Finch) - call open August 2024
Connection with Fabric (curated by Chiaki Dosho) - call open November 2024


Upcoming Virtual Gallery Calls for Entry
Art quilters have taken the traditional form of a quilt and moved it to the wall. Now we ask you to explore pushing the form off the wall into three dimensions. Create art that can stand on its own, hang from the ceiling or has added dimension on the wall. Curated by Andrea Finch
Call for Entry Deadline:
In our daily lives we are surrounded by fabric. Many of these fabrics are mass-produced and bypass the more traditional ways of working with cloth. Old world handicrafts, such as weaving, hand-dyeing and hand embroidery are being lost.