Juried Artist Artwork

A Juried Artist Member is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Member Review Panel (more details). Learn more about these artists by exploring their artwork below or viewing their profiles. We have also curated a series of online galleries featuring Juried Artist Member artwork.

Stitched Dialogue
Floating Stars
Watching the Tide Roll Away
Travel Muse: Endurance
Urbane Spuren 70 (Urban Tracks 70)
The Mystery of Thought
Landscape of Memory ii
Face Off Together
Dorothy Dreams in Color
Japanese Water Garden
The Creative Hand
Inspired Quilt Secrets Folk Art Undefined
Precious Time
In Loving Memory
Flyover 8 - Pathways
The Glistening Light
The black sheep
Sky Lanterns
Juried Artist Showcase Galleries
Featured Juried Artists
Donna Deaver
Idaho, United States
Carole Frocillo
California, United States
Melani K Brewer
Florida, United States
Jo-Ann Morgan
South Carolina, United States