Margaret Abramshe

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Saint George, UT
United States

Artist Statement
Margaret is an art quilter exploring stories starting with a photograph. Vintage images, family albums and camera phone snapshots documenting my life are my primary subject matter. Her art quilts have a rich subtext - a hidden story starting with a photograph. Using a variety of software programs to create complex personal icons .

Margaret uses a commercial vendor to print her imagery onto fabric. After the yardage arrives in the studio it is painted with a variety of media. Her signature process treats the surface like a canvas. She covers the painted cloth with an elaborate pattern of stitches to add yet another layer of visual interest to the composition.

Margaret has a BFA and a Masters in Art. She spent her career as a public school educator. Since retiring, Margaret has devoted her time to being a full-time studio artist. Margaret’s art quilts have been shared in numerous museums and festival exhibitions. She teaches and lectures online.

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