Textile Talks: Microscape

Conversations with the Artists

Join us for artist talks with three of the artists from Microscape! We'll be hearing from June Horwich, Margaret Abramshe, and Bob Mosier all about their work, process, and inspiration.

About the exhibition: Our known world stretches far beyond what we can see with the unaided eye. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, and virtual imaging techniques reveal a world of great beauty and complexity. That world contains the smallest particles, tiniest organisms, smallest landscape, or natural details and can provide us with an abundance of artistic inspiration.

About the Artists

Margaret Abramshe is a fulltime studio artist, teacher and lecturer. Her creative process begins by excavating a hidden story behind the subject.


Margaret Abramshe headshot
June Horwich has built her practice on refining techniques of dyeing cloth using a variety of resists, and delights in the serendipity of her results. Most of her pieces now include some of her hand-dyed cloth. Active in sewing from childhood, June was drawn into making art quilts, and from there into producing other forms of fibre art, including 3D. June Horwich headshot
Bob Mosier has earned a B.S in Photography and Graphic Design, M.S. in Ceramics, and M.F.A Sculpture & Hot Glass. He's been an art teacher for 44 years teaching kindergarten–graduate school. Recently, Bob transitioned to fabric after shoulder surgeries made welding and grinding steel unwise. Bob could often be overheard saying, “He never met a media he didn’t like”. Bob Mosier headshot