Each Piece Belongs

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Each Piece Belongs
51 in
51 in
(130 cm x 130 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Conaughton
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We often think of the yin/yang symbol as being some symbol of good vs evil, of two contrary options, black and white with nothing in common, but really, many opposing forces exist in nature and seem to complement each other: sun and moon, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, land and water, sky and land. In our world right now, it seems there are so many polar opposites: politically, racially, scientifically, religiously, even in terms of gender and belief. But in nature, these opposites are so interdependent and interconnected that the world might not exist without both sides; there is a dance between this side and that. We should remember that in terms of our place in the world, for the rest of our existence. We exist because of and despite each other. We flourish when we acknowledge the duality of the whole. Each piece belongs.
Fused and machine stitched appliqué, machine quilted