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We invite you to explore our online collection of over 4,000 pieces of artwork that showcase the beauty and diversity of the art quilt medium. We have also put together a curated selection of online galleries.


Black and White and Read All Over
Black Hole
Fleur du Soleil
Heated Conversations
Quilt Drawing #23
Slot Canyon #6
The World's First Text Message (1844) - "What Hath God Wrought?"
Drawing lessons
Stockholm Winter
Red Rain #2: Rabbit Alone
AmericanUS Series, Modus Motoristus
Father and Son (self-portrait)
A Winter's Morning
Grasshopper Path
Bridge Motel
Ode to Banksias 7
The Organic Landscape
J?nihitoe: 21st-Century Interpretation Of Heian Beauty
Colourwash Spillikins
Beneath the Surface
Spiraling Out of Control
Mother Serves the Turkey II

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