Gunnel Hag

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Toronto ON

Artist Statement
I design and print patterns on textiles. The complexity and depth of textured surfaces fascinate me. The visual textures in my work are created by manipulating pigments on the fabric surface.

While screen printing was my first and enduring love, I love using ordinary objects to create patterns. So far I must have a collection of 30 plus different potato mashers, which I use to create an infinite variety of patterns and textures. I do this by manipulating and pulling back the wet pigments on the fabric surface. No textured thing is safe from experimenting!

I studied textile design in Sweden and England, and have a studio in Toronto, Canada. I teach workshops and give presentations and lectures internationally (now virtually).

Colour Vie is my environmentally friendly pigment system for fabrics, and I have published two books: ‘Creating Texture’ and ‘Creating Texture: Soft Textures’, where I explain how to use pigment on cloth.

All fabrics in my quilts are printed by me.