Mesh 12

I often walk the alleys of my neighborhood which are lined with wire fencing, chain link, even chicken coops, with overlapping metal grids of various sizes and densities. The patchwork surface acts as a scrim for the scene behind, dividing the space, alternately obscuring, and revealing. The fences are repaired, mended, with whatever is available, creating beauty where it might not have been intended. Vines and trees wind in and through the maze.

I create grids on silk organza, recycled curtains, found fabrics, overlapping, patching layering on surfaces between and on. Transparent and opaque, changing the view and casting shadows, seeing through, fencing out, finding beauty in the ordinary.
Translucent art quilt, two-sided: dye and paint on silk organza with an applied grid of silk, cotton, found/recycled fabric, thread
Collaged, layered, and machine quilted