New York

Welcome to SAQA-New York!  Our membership reflects New York State's diversity with immense and varied talent.   With that diversity of skills, background and knowledge come a very robust -- and fun -- group of members.  Everyone is welcome to join our activities and contribute.  

 We regularly host video / online meetings to stay in touch across the miles, with members and special guests making presentations that foster great conversations.  We also certainly benefit from all that New York City has to offer.  Quarterly museum trips, tours, or artist studio visits populate our calendar.  We strive to offer outing content that expands our overall art knowledge.  (And, heck, we like to get together.)  Come join the fun.

Monthly Newsletter

Please submit any items for the SAQA-NY regional newsletter no later than the 15th of any month in order to be included in the next edition. Information should be sent to Newsletters are (typically) distributed the last week of every month for the next month.

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