Nancy Beckerman

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Pound Ridge, NY
United States

Artist Statement
Color, movement, dance, music, nature: these inform my art. I celebrate the joy in life, the excitement, the mystery of the unknown, and, yes, the sadness.

Quilting is the perfect medium for me: the fabric is soft and yielding, yet the colors can be vibrant and sharp.

I start with a feeling, an idea, and choose fabrics that will excite me. The hand appliqué process allows for slow, quiet meditation as I work. I use the hand quilting stitches as a layer of drawing, a design on top of the appliquéd work. An additional layer of beading is often added, to provide a counterpoint to the underlying image. Layer upon layer grows… and, finally, the piece is born.

Although my work is abstract, it is always reminiscent of biology, nature, and life on earth.