Pamela Zave

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Summit, NJ
United States

Artist Statement
I am an artist in the mold of Josef Albers, whose experiments with color contrast informed his teaching and his most famous work. My obsession is the opposite: the search for color unity and harmony.

These samples are all quilts from my Color Wheel series, in which each quilt explores a spectral range of hues, and the pattern of each quilt differs to express the hue's mood and associations. Each quilt is an experiment, with the goals of sampling all the variations of color (with its three dimensions of hue, value, and saturation), and also of exploiting to the fullest the intense beauty of color gradations.

I have several other series, most related to color and all responding to the distinctive qualities of quilting as an art medium. I love the sharp, graphic lines formed by piecing, the intense colors of textile dyes, the vivacity and texture of commercial print fabrics, the impact of a large format, and the sensuousness of fine craftsmanship.