K. Velis Turan

Velis Turan
Juried Artist Member (JAM)

New Baltimore, NY
United States

Artist Statement
My mixed-media textile pieces are derived from my interest in shapes, colors, reflections, and the effects of shadow and light. In adapting graphic forms, I refine the core of my subject and omit all unessential elements to uncover its underlying character. Each piece becomes an intense exploration of the graphic matter; shapes, colors, and textures brought together to become a cohesive work of art.

My pieces start either photography that I take or an idea. From that, I made a drawing, the drawing is then transferred to a printing screen with a sodium alginate and fiber-reactive dye solution. In the process of printing the screen, the lines are transferred to the surface of the cloth not directly but with accidents and improvisations.

As an integral part of the overall design of my pieces, I apply different textile design techniques to my fabrics using textile dyes and paints. My use of surface design techniques adds layers of color, depth, and textures to my work not possible.