New York City - Spring 2020

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New York City - Spring 2020
36 in
26 in
(91 cm x 66 cm)
Photo Credit
Bob Turan
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When the COVID -19 pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, it hit New York City fast and hard. We weren't sure what we should do, what we could do, how long it would last and so many other things. We had no idea that we would lose over a half a million people. But through it all, spring still happened, the flowers were still blooming and life would go on one way or another. This piece was created from a photograph and conversations with my friends who live in the West Village of New York City.
Cotton twill, MX dyes, textile paints, cotton and polyester threads, polyester batting, commercial fabric backing
Screen printed, painted, free-motion quilted and machine embroidered