Harriet Cheney

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Dobbs Ferry, NY
United States

Artist Statement
The Receptacle Project is a project about healing and personal growth. Many of us have been traumatized this past year. In this era of negativity, it’s more important than ever for each of us to take responsibility for uplifting our planet by practicing kindness, love, and generosity. This project is my small way of helping to heal the world.

Since I can't do this alone, I invite you to participate in The Receptacle Project. How? Simply write a positive message on a small slip of paper. It can be a wish for personal growth or a good intention. For instance, I will only support businesses that are environmentally responsible. Seal it with a staple or tape (for anonymity) and mail it to:

The Receptacle Project, PO Box 117, Ardsley, NY 10502-0117

As long as I receive messages, I will keep embellishing the Quaker Oats canisters, and inserting your notes. Thank you.