The Receptacle Project+W41

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The Receptacle Project+W41
30 in
6 in
(76 cm x 15 cm)
Photo Credit
George Potanovic, Jr.
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Each of us has experienced challenging events lately. For many, this has been cantilevered over already existing trauma and difficult - often tragic - life circumstances. Having become uber-reactive, anger is the common default. Our peripheral vision and emotional receptors are hyper-sensitive to judgments we arouse in others due to our race, what we believe, or how we behave.

Must we don our personal "virtue" facade and use it to beat others up? Can we just choose to be better versions of ourselves. Do we really need to play the blame game?

To symbolize shedding no-longer-wanted attitudes and attributes, I'm creating a growing number of receptacles to contain traits and thought patterns that limit the openness/depth of our relationships. I hope they will contain good intentions for anyone choosing to participate by writing a message on a sealed tiny note.
9 Quaker Oats canisters, fabric, plastic canvas, yarn, fibers, buttons, beads
Woven, sewn, beaded