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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!

You can view the pieces by individual trunk (A-J) or check out the entire collection below. Keyword search and filters are also available (we suggest changing the sort order to A-Z before using these). Another tip: Right-click to open the detail info in a new tab - this will help with navigation.


Ann  Johnston - Making Pink Waves
Making Pink Waves
Trunk A - 2022
Ann Johnston
Jody B. Larson - The Squiggles Have It
The Squiggles Have It
Trunk A - 2022
Jody B. Larson
Rosanna Lynne  Welter - Leaf on Sidewalk
Leaf on Sidewalk
Trunk G - 2022
Rosanna Lynne Welter
Lynn B. Welsch - Woodland Light
Woodland Light
Trunk F - 2022
Lynn B. Welsch
Stephanye  Schuyler - Xmas in July
Xmas in July
Trunk A - 2022
Stephanye Schuyler
Denise  Gregoire - Reverie
Trunk I - 2022
Denise Gregoire
Myania  Moses - Solace
Trunk C - 2022
Myania Moses
Helene  Hein - Homage to Florence Street Artist K.
Homage to Florence Street Artist K.
Trunk A - 2022
Helene Hein
Nancy Ann  Belsky - Wheels of Progress???
Wheels of Progress???
Trunk C - 2022
Nancy Ann Belsky
Monique  Gilbert-Oversteyns - Singing Flowers
Singing Flowers
Trunk G - 2022
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns
Cynthia  Fowler - Bits and Bobs
Bits and Bobs
Trunk F - 2022
Cynthia Fowler
Linda  Laird - Nothing Worth Knowing
Nothing Worth Knowing
Trunk I - 2022
Linda Laird
Patti  Tourville - Midnight Masquerade
Midnight Masquerade
Trunk J - 2022
Patti Tourville
Sally Harcum Maxwell - Rising from the Dust and Embers
Rising from the Dust and Embers
Trunk I - 2022
Sally Harcum Maxwell
Karel  Peer - Gingko
Trunk G - 2022
Karel Peer
Bella  Kaplan - Sunset
Trunk E - 2022
Bella Kaplan
Martha  Wolfe - Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
Trunk H - 2022
Martha Wolfe
Holly  Brackmann - The Negative and Positive:  Ivah and Mattie
The Negative and Positive: Ivah and Mattie
Trunk G - 2022
Holly Brackmann
Cathy  Stone - Harbinger of Spring
Harbinger of Spring
Trunk I - 2022
Cathy Stone
Heather A. Hager - Free at Last
Free at Last
Trunk E - 2022
Heather A. Hager
Diane S. Sheckells - Luna Moth
Luna Moth
Trunk I - 2022
Diane S. Sheckells
Linda  Syverson Guild - Cosmos
Trunk C - 2022
Linda Syverson Guild
Diane  Friedman - Birds on the Beach
Birds on the Beach
Trunk G - 2022
Diane Friedman
Laure  Warren - A Time to Stitch
A Time to Stitch
Trunk A - 2022
Laure Warren