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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!

You can view the pieces by individual trunk (A-J) or check out the entire collection below. Keyword search and filters are also available (we suggest changing the sort order to A-Z before using these). Another tip: Right-click to open the detail info in a new tab - this will help with navigation.


Polly  Sievert - Enjoy a Good Reed
Enjoy a Good Reed
Trunk C - 2022
Polly Sievert
Candice L. Phelan - Red Sky at Night
Red Sky at Night
Trunk E - 2022
Candice L. Phelan
Kathryn  Davy - A Closer Look
A Closer Look
Trunk A - 2022
Kathryn Davy
Gina M. Gahagan - Marking Time
Marking Time
Trunk J - 2022
Gina M. Gahagan
Gisha  Wogier - Let there be Light
Let there be Light
Trunk F - 2022
Gisha Wogier
Judy  Pearson - Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage
Trunk F - 2022
Judy Pearson
Barbara  Tylka - Montana Dreamin'
Montana Dreamin'
Trunk B - 2022
Barbara Tylka
Cheryl R. Lipari - Glad Happy
Glad Happy
Trunk I - 2022
Cheryl R. Lipari
Linda "Sue" Thompson - Zhang Kui Vanquisher of Covid
Zhang Kui Vanquisher of Covid
Trunk H - 2022
Linda "Sue" Thompson
Michele  Craigen - Pot of Gold
Pot of Gold
Trunk B - 2022
Michele Craigen
Jan  Berg-Rezmer - Pod Cast Plaid
Pod Cast Plaid
Trunk G - 2022
Jan Berg-Rezmer
Paula  Dean - Isolation: Egress vs Ingress
Isolation: Egress vs Ingress
Trunk B - 2022
Paula Dean
Joy  Holekamp - Bird Landing
Bird Landing
Trunk A - 2022
Joy Holekamp
Hsin-Chen  Lin - Prayers
Trunk F - 2022
Hsin-Chen Lin
June  Horwich - Broken:  Lines I
Broken: Lines I
Trunk D - 2022
June Horwich
Stephanye  Schuyler - Xmas in July
Xmas in July
Trunk A - 2022
Stephanye Schuyler
Diane  Friedman - Birds on the Beach
Birds on the Beach
Trunk G - 2022
Diane Friedman
Stephanie  Nordlin - Snake in the Flower Bed
Snake in the Flower Bed
Trunk C - 2022
Stephanie Nordlin
Cynthia K. W. Reynolds - Blood Moon
Blood Moon
Trunk G - 2022
Cynthia K. W. Reynolds
Amy  Nelson - Life in a Water Droplet
Life in a Water Droplet
Trunk J - 2022
Amy Nelson
Charlotte  Bird - Kelp Forest Demise
Kelp Forest Demise
Trunk A - 2022
Charlotte Bird
Giny  Dixon - Family
Trunk I - 2022
Giny Dixon
Gabriele  DiTota - Sunlit Scraps
Sunlit Scraps
Trunk H - 2022
Gabriele DiTota
Barbara J. Schneider - Still Life In Indigo, Fall Hollyhock
Still Life In Indigo, Fall Hollyhock
Trunk I - 2022
Barbara J. Schneider