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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!

You can view the pieces by individual trunk (A-J) or check out the entire collection below. Keyword search and filters are also available (we suggest changing the sort order to A-Z before using these). Another tip: Right-click to open the detail info in a new tab - this will help with navigation.


Liz  Campbell - Painted Petals
Painted Petals
Trunk H - 2022
Liz Campbell
Noriko  Endo - Autumn in Karuizawa
Autumn in Karuizawa
Trunk F - 2022
Noriko Endo
Heidi  Zielinski - Meadowlands
Trunk D - 2022
Heidi Zielinski
Becky  McNeill - Bleached Reef
Bleached Reef
Trunk G - 2022
Becky McNeill
Diana J. Bennet - Layers
Trunk D - 2022
Diana J. Bennet
Jody  Gruendel - Complements Attract
Complements Attract
Trunk B - 2022
Jody Gruendel
Judy  Cruickshank - After the Storm
After the Storm
Trunk D - 2022
Judy Cruickshank
Wen  Redmond - And Perhaps She Said
And Perhaps She Said
Trunk E - 2022
Wen Redmond
Paula  Kovarik - Abstract2021
Trunk F - 2022
Paula Kovarik
Rhoda E. Taylor - Summer's Colors
Summer's Colors
Trunk F - 2022
Rhoda E. Taylor
Monica Kindraka Jensen - Spider Days of Autumn
Spider Days of Autumn
Trunk H - 2022
Monica Kindraka Jensen
Barbara  Tylka - Montana Dreamin'
Montana Dreamin'
Trunk B - 2022
Barbara Tylka
Judy  Peterson - My Natural World
My Natural World
Trunk B - 2022
Judy Peterson
Dinah  Sargeant - Blue Dog's Dream
Blue Dog's Dream
Trunk A - 2022
Dinah Sargeant
Gwen Ellen Goepel - Shine On
Shine On
Trunk J - 2022
Gwen Ellen Goepel
Sarah  Goer - Green Scrappy Slab
Green Scrappy Slab
Trunk A - 2022
Sarah Goer
Kathryn  Weston - Swimming Upstream
Swimming Upstream
Trunk H - 2022
Kathryn Weston
Monique  Gilbert-Oversteyns - Singing Flowers
Singing Flowers
Trunk G - 2022
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns
Candace  Hunter - Sekhmet's Solar Flare
Sekhmet's Solar Flare
Trunk H - 2022
Candace Hunter
Stephanie  Dahl - Oh, Iris!
Oh, Iris!
Trunk G - 2022
Stephanie Dahl
Lynn B. Welsch - Woodland Light
Woodland Light
Trunk F - 2022
Lynn B. Welsch
Ruby  Kellner - Little Stinker
Little Stinker
Trunk H - 2022
Ruby Kellner
Cathy  Stone - Harbinger of Spring
Harbinger of Spring
Trunk I - 2022
Cathy Stone
Linda  Waddle - Cityscape
Trunk G - 2022
Linda Waddle

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