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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!

You can view the pieces by individual trunk (A-J) or check out the entire collection below. Keyword search and filters are also available (we suggest changing the sort order to A-Z before using these). Another tip: Right-click to open the detail info in a new tab - this will help with navigation.


Diane  Clapes - Orts in Yellow and Green
Orts in Yellow and Green
Trunk G - 2022
Diane Clapes
Lynn  Krawczyk - Think
Trunk I - 2022
Lynn Krawczyk
Kathi  Battles - Muestra El Camino (Showing the Way)
Muestra El Camino (Showing the Way)
Trunk I - 2022
Kathi Battles
Dorothy  Raymond - Is it Getting Hotter Outside?
Is it Getting Hotter Outside?
Trunk B - 2022
Dorothy Raymond
Kim  Bates - Pod
Trunk G - 2022
Kim Bates
Holly  Brackmann - The Negative and Positive:  Ivah and Mattie
The Negative and Positive: Ivah and Mattie
Trunk G - 2022
Holly Brackmann
Cornelia  Dremel - Rosenkäfer
Trunk F - 2022
Cornelia Dremel
Gene  Looman - Kosmic Kaos Revisited
Kosmic Kaos Revisited
Trunk A - 2022
Gene Looman
Amy Doigan Selmanoff - Morning Bounty
Morning Bounty
Trunk E - 2022
Amy Doigan Selmanoff
Margaret (Meg)  Filiatrault - Harlequin Triplets
Harlequin Triplets
Trunk F - 2022
Margaret (Meg) Filiatrault
Madalene Axford Murphy - Presence
Trunk F - 2022
Madalene Axford Murphy
Maryte  Collard - Color Play
Color Play
Trunk B - 2022
Maryte Collard
Debra  Shaw - Shell Collection #2
Shell Collection #2
Trunk H - 2022
Debra Shaw
Jody B. Larson - The Squiggles Have It
The Squiggles Have It
Trunk A - 2022
Jody B. Larson
Emily  Hopkins - Smoke Everywhere: AQI 451
Smoke Everywhere: AQI 451
Trunk C - 2022
Emily Hopkins
Gerrie  Congdon - Where the Land Meets the Sea
Where the Land Meets the Sea
Trunk E - 2022
Gerrie Congdon
Linda  Stern - Hazy Horizon
Hazy Horizon
Trunk F - 2022
Linda Stern
Susan  Callahan - Room at the Table
Room at the Table
Trunk F - 2022
Susan Callahan
Lisa  Call - Pattern Study #19
Pattern Study #19
Trunk E - 2022
Lisa Call
Elizabeth Ferry Pekins - The Gift of Time
The Gift of Time
Trunk H - 2022
Elizabeth Ferry Pekins
Polly  Sievert - Enjoy a Good Reed
Enjoy a Good Reed
Trunk C - 2022
Polly Sievert
Libby  Williamson - June and Willow
June and Willow
Trunk B - 2022
Libby Williamson
Janet  Darcher - Repurposed
Trunk I - 2022
Janet Darcher
Suzanne  Uschold - Alpine Wildflowers
Alpine Wildflowers
Trunk C - 2022
Suzanne Uschold

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