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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!

You can view the pieces by individual trunk (A-J) or check out the entire collection below. Keyword search and filters are also available (we suggest changing the sort order to A-Z before using these). Another tip: Right-click to open the detail info in a new tab - this will help with navigation.


Allison  James - Meadow Grasses
Meadow Grasses
Trunk D - 2022
Allison James
Sharon  Rohde - Joy in the Garden
Joy in the Garden
Trunk E - 2022
Sharon Rohde
Sherri Lipman  McCauley - Painted Scraps
Painted Scraps
Trunk A - 2022
Sherri Lipman McCauley
Dorothy  Raymond - Is it Getting Hotter Outside?
Is it Getting Hotter Outside?
Trunk B - 2022
Dorothy Raymond
Kathleen  Hughes - White Roses
White Roses
Trunk G - 2022
Kathleen Hughes
Debra  Shaw - Shell Collection #2
Shell Collection #2
Trunk H - 2022
Debra Shaw
Ann Baldwin  May - Dancin' Blues
Dancin' Blues
Trunk J - 2022
Ann Baldwin May
Dinah  Sargeant - Blue Dog's Dream
Blue Dog's Dream
Trunk A - 2022
Dinah Sargeant
Christina  Flores - Beauty Under the Sea
Beauty Under the Sea
Trunk A - 2022
Christina Flores
Susan H. Gordon - At The Aquarium
At The Aquarium
Trunk C - 2022
Susan H. Gordon
Becky  McNeill - Bleached Reef
Bleached Reef
Trunk G - 2022
Becky McNeill
Cornelia  Dremel - Rosenkäfer
Trunk F - 2022
Cornelia Dremel
Pat  Bishop - Harrington Beach
Harrington Beach
Trunk B - 2022
Pat Bishop
Hildegard  Mueller - Blue Sea
Blue Sea
Trunk D - 2022
Hildegard Mueller
Sally Harcum Maxwell - Rising from the Dust and Embers
Rising from the Dust and Embers
Trunk I - 2022
Sally Harcum Maxwell
Judy O’Connor Chaffee - Ode to Georgia O’Keeffe
Ode to Georgia O’Keeffe
Trunk C - 2022
Judy O’Connor Chaffee
Carla A. White - Pigeon's Roost
Pigeon's Roost
Trunk I - 2022
Carla A. White
Mary  Lindstrom - Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Trunk H - 2022
Mary Lindstrom
Vera  Holmgren - Today's News
Today's News
Trunk B - 2022
Vera Holmgren
Kay E. Irish - Spirit Of The Hawk
Spirit Of The Hawk
Trunk B - 2022
Kay E. Irish
Rhonda  Schmeltzer - A Little Bit of Paintbrush
A Little Bit of Paintbrush
Trunk H - 2022
Rhonda Schmeltzer
Catherine R. Timm - Fungi on a Tree
Fungi on a Tree
Trunk I - 2022
Catherine R. Timm
Dolores  Miller - Constellations-Draco
Trunk F - 2022
Dolores Miller
Lisa Marie Panaccione - Exploring
Trunk J - 2022
Lisa Marie Panaccione