SAQA Trunk Show

Almost 400 pieces of artwork!

SAQA’s traveling trunk shows are designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and support our mission to “promote the art quilt.” Audiences at locations around the world are able to engage with the art quilts in an up-close and personal way. In addition to delighting viewers with the variety of techniques and breadth of creativity, trunks are also used for educational purposes and outreach.

With almost 400 pieces of artwork in total, there is so much to explore! Curated galleries and additional educational resources will be available soon. Scroll down to view a video slideshow of all the pieces.

Trunks are perfect for exhibiting at a wide variety of venues, including museums, art centers, and galleries. Some venues might want to organize special workshops around the trunk show and invite community groups to view the art. 

The rental fee is $75 for SAQA members / $150 for non-members.

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Almost 400 pieces of unique artwork are part of the SAQA Trunk Show. Showcasing a variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, there is so much to explore!
Interested in scheduling a trunk show at your venue? Have general questions about the trunks? Find out more details in our FAQs.
Check out some of the resources we have available for displaying and using the trunk show, including downloads, graphics, and meeting ideas.