SAQA Trunk Show

Over 450 pieces of artwork in total!

SAQA’s traveling trunk shows are designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and support our mission to “promote the art quilt.” This SAQA exhibition provides opportunities for viewing anywhere, from a meeting to an exhibition at local libraries or arts centers.

The 2017 Trunk Show premiered at the 2017 SAQA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. Eight different trunks are travelling to venues both in and out of the United States until the end of 2020. Each trunk allows audiences to engage with the quilts in an up-close and personal way.    

Each quilt is 10 x 7 inches, mounted on a black 12 x 9 inch backing board, and sealed inside a clear envelope. The artist's location, artwork title, statement and information about techniques and materials are on the back.

The trunk show is a wonderful way to view and engage with quilts made using a wide variety of styles, techniques, and fibers. Some venues might want to organize special meetings around the trunk show and invite local quilt groups to view the works. Other venues might want to use the trunk show as the basis for a critique session, while still more might consider exhibiting the trunk show in their local libraries or art centers.

Interested in reserving a trunk for your location? Please contact us at for details.

Already reserved a trunk? Check out our Trunk Show resources below for inventory lists, wall labels, and more!


Trunk Show Resources

Trunk Show catalog (PDF)
Includes thumbnails of all pieces

Trunk Show Instructions
Includes information about unpacking / storing and displaying the trunk show

Zip File
Includes Inventory Lists and Wall Labels (both versions) for all Trunks. Download and unzip to access files.

Excel Merge File   
Excel spreadsheet with artist and artwork information. Can be used to create venue specific labels / signage

Article from Winter 2010 Journal
Written for a previous trunk show, this helpful article includes information how to use the trunk show as a teaching tool.



Using the Trunk Show

There is no single way to use the trunk show – it is such a versatile exhibition. This is one of the rare times that people have the opportunity to engage closely with a work of art. People really like to hold the pieces and because they are encased in the clear bags, they can!

You can spread the pieces out on tables and allow people to view them that way. Or, you can distribute the artwork to groups and let them hold the pieces for a closer look at the materials and techniques used.

In some cases, you may want to hang the pieces for display. We recommend using 3M Command POSTER strips for this purpose – they are easily removable from both the wall AND the mat board. You can find this product in most larger chain stores. Need wall labels? Check our additional resources below.

Regional meetings

  • Members get to know each other’s work
  • Show the diversity of styles, materials and techniques
  • Use as an educational tool for critiquing and viewing art
  • Use as a Jurying exercise - how to  develop an exhibition when only a limited number of pieces can be included. What artwork would you select and why?

Galleries and Museums

  • Introduce the art world to the art quilt as a fine art medium
  • Increase SAQA visibility
  • Engage visitors of all ages

Traditional Guilds

  • Recruiting new members
  • Giving closet art quilters a sense of belonging
  • Show the diversity of styles in the art quilt community

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