Trunk Show FAQs

SAQA is delighted to share artwork of its members through our traveling trunk show program - we have almost 400 pieces in our current trunk show! This series of the trunk show is available for travel through 2024.

The trunks may be rented for those who wish to share them with a group – for show-and-tell, education, lectures, exhibitions, and so on. Each trunk includes 39-40 pieces that include a wide variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter.

View Artwork by Trunk:

What size are the pieces?

Each quilt is 10 x 7 inches, mounted on a white 12 x 9 inch backing board, and sealed inside a clear envelope. Trunks include both vertical and horizontal orientations. 3D pieces are encased in acrylic boxes for display purposes. The artist's location, artwork title, statement and information about techniques and materials are on the back.

Who may rent a trunk?
We are happy to have the trunks travel to community venues, quilt exhibitions, guild meetings, museums, and anywhere that people would enjoy and learn from the art quilts in the trunk.

Most often, SAQA's regional representatives rent the trunks to exhibit at venues within their region. If you are a SAQA member, please check with your rep to see if there are already plans to bring a trunk to your area. Conversely, your rep would be happy to work with you to schedule a trunk show!

The trunks normally travel within one geographic region, to minimize shipping costs and risk of damage in transit. Our Trunk Show Coordinator will let you know which trunk(s) are available in your area and time frame.

Please complete the Trunk Show request form with details about your schedule and location. You can email us at with any questions.

What are the costs involved?
The $75 rental ($150 non-members) covers shipping to you, and return shipping to its next scheduled stop. After the Trunk Show Coordinator has approved your rental request, you will be provided with a payment link.

SAQA has self-insured the art quilts.  We do ask that you take all possible precautions to keep the works safe and in good condition.

What length of time can a group have the trunk?
Our Trunk Show Coordinator will discuss this with you. We do our best to be flexible with scheduling but it will depend on the number of reservations during your requested time frame.

Are there rules/guidelines regarding display and shipping?
Each quilt is mounted on a white backing board inside a sealed clear envelope.  There is a label on the back with information about the artist and the quilt. The quilts are never to be removed from the envelopes, in order to keep them in excellent condition as the trunks travel for three years.  

The clear envelopes allow viewers to hold the work in their hands for a close view – unlike most art quilt shows.  If the works are to be hung for display, we ask that 3M Command Hanging Strips be used to temporarily adhere the envelopes to the wall, and be removed cleanly. 

Depending on the schedule, you may be asked to hold the trunk for a period of a few weeks, and then ship directly to the next renter, rather than return to SAQA's storage facility. We require that the trunk be stored in an environment with temperature and humidity comfortable to a human (not a garage or attic).


What resources do you have available?
Check out our resource page to find downloads to inventory sheets, wall labels (multiple versions), promotional materials, and more. You can find these files by trunk or download a zip file that contains all the trunk files. Interested in making labels of your own? We have an Excel file ready for mail merging to your customized document. 

Are the artworks for sale?
Pieces are available for sale when the trunk show completes its three year travel schedule. Available pieces will be placed for sale in the SAQA Store in February 2025. The Not For Sale works will be returned to the artists.

What information or other undertakings do you require?
We need to know where the trunk goes while it is in your possession. We love to receive images of viewers enjoying the artworks, any feedback, and a brief report on how they were used. Just send your information to