Crossbedding VIIII (Unconformities of the Colorado Plateau)

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Crossbedding VIIII (Unconformities of the Colorado Plateau)

Julia March Crocetto

7 in
10 in
Palisade, Colorado USA
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Through creative mapping, I synthesize my observations of the “Post-Frontier” West, transforming materials and layering processes in a manner analogous to my emotional responses. Using the visual language of textiles and contemporary resources such as satellite imagery, I investigate water and land use and my recollections of the West.

This mini is from a body of work inspired by the unconformities and peculiar formations of the Colorado Plateau and reflections on "Timefulness" by Geologist Marcia Bjornerud. Inspired by the idea of rocks bearing witness, I’ve layered loss, grief, beauty, and joy, which are stratified and eroded, leaving the viewer with fragments of the past. The complexity of the process of making the work is a reflection and meditation on geologic time vs. human time.
Shaped resist, discharged, painted, pieced, free motion quilted