Jill Kerttula

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Charlottesville, VA
United States

Artist Statement
I am, at my core, a maker. Making has been the thread throughout my lives: Educational (BS-art, MA-Art, AA-Graphic design) Avocational (Photography, Painting, Sketching, Sewing) and Vocational (Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Art Educator, Upcycled clothing maker).

Now, I am a full-time art maker housed in my public studio in the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville VA. I am there each day that I am not out taking photos. Much of my work is based on my photography printed on fabric and enhanced with layers and stitches.

I came to fiber art late. But it is the media I was looking for; It is hands-on. It is non-toxic. It is textural. It is “women’s work”, It is intimate. It is infinitely possible.