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54 in
39 in
(137 cm x 99 cm)
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Jill Kerttula’s fiber art is the culmination of years of professional art experience. The fiber work that Kerttula creates, merges her photography and her stitching. She puts it this way: “My photos and drawings are what I saw. My stitching changes it to how, as an artist, saw it.” The stitching allows her to celebrate and express textures in a way that the flat surface of photography does not. Her photography provides the underlying composition for her work, while the stitching and fiber provides the textures.

Her work has received many awards in international and national shows. In 2019 this piece was juried into the prestigious international ‘Quilt National’ biennial show.

Through her work she strives to bridge the craftsmanship and traditions of fiber art “women’s work” with the strong concept and composition required in the fine arts of painting and photography, thus helping to expand the boundaries of both areas.