Alison Schwabe

Juried Artist Member (JAM)


Artist Statement
In the late 70s, I developed an interest in using the basic sewing and needlework skills learned in my '50s childhood as a medium of artistic expression. By using paint+stitch, I explored landscape colours and textures, holding my first solo exhibition as a creative embroiderer in 1987.

On relocating to the USA in 1987, I learned traditional geometric patchwork followed by freehand, improvisational patchwork, and quilting. My focus shifted to landscape’s lines and shapes, presented in art quilts with grid layouts, an enduring influence from my exposure to traditional quilt making, and representing calm, order, and the predictability that comes from repetition.

In the past decade, I have been less bound by rigid grids, while hand stitch has become more important in my surface designs, far beyond its functional role of holding layers of fabric together.

Much of my current work features abstract designs of basic geometric and primal shapes, with extensive use of handstitch.