Pandemic Pattern

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Pandemic Pattern
37 in
29 in
(94 cm x 74 cm)
Photo Credit
Eduardo Baldizan
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The coronavirus Covid-19 appeared in early 2020 and spread rapidly. Our media soon showed stark images of fields of freshly dug, fast filling graves and mass graves. Death tolls soared so that now burials frequently lack customary ceremony, and graveside mourners are often prevented attending. When funeral directors and crematoria become overwhelmed, horrifying pictures emerge of refrigerated trailers as temporary morgues, and bodies simply lying in streets awaiting collection.

Every strip of fabric here represents a deceased victim plus his bereft family and friends. Shocked by continuing graphic news reports and images, this pattern results from the deaths of those who could not be saved. Other covid-related icons and patterns are familiar now, and I'm exploring some of those in my series, Pandemic Patterns. I'm currently working on #4.
Commercial cottons, wool batting, polyester thread
Hand stitched raw edge appliqu├ęd