Wheel of Time

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Wheel of Time
47 in
35 in
(119 cm x 89 cm)
Photo Credit
Eduardo Baldizan
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I have a thing for mosaic pathways, and am currently absorbed in Games of Thrones. together these have prompted several mosaic-like works of segments of different materials sewn down onto a base of two fabrics fused together. Wheel of Time is a mosaic design formed of different golds and bronze leather segments, machine appliqued/quilted with gold metallic thread. I wanted a rather grand and mystical, perhaps ceremonial, piece, which as far as I know doesn't relate to any particular particular culture. The metallic leathers shimmer and glow, photography barely does it justice. The fabric edges are torn only, and the segments are sewn out to the edges where they protrude slightly, there is no binding or other finish at the edges.
Cotton, gold and metallic finish leathers
Torn, fused, machine appliqu├ęd and quilted