Mission Beach

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Mission Beach
49 in
47.5 in
(124 cm x 121 cm)
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A wave breaking on one of my favourite places, Mission Beach in far north Queensland, Australia. The wave is suspend in mid motion, with machine pieced strip inserts suggesting strands of sea grasses twining and overlapping each other inside it. These lines, or strip inserts, became a signature of my work in this decade, and I believe no one else took them to such curvy extremes as I managed to achieve over time. It was hard to choose the most special work from among many similarly good ones in this era. (which include my first two selected for Quilt Nationals).
I had experimented with less extreme irregular shaped quilts before this, but this pronounced perimeter shaping demanded all the advanced dressmaking skills learned while sewing clothes from Vogue Designer patterns in the 60's and 70's. I have since written articles and taught classes on finishing off irregular shaped quilts.
Cottons, including commercial hand dyed fabrics. Polyester, metallic and holographic threads.
Machine piecing, machine embroidery, machine quilting.
Hand finished faced edges.