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Historically speaking, the paintings found in the caves in Lascaux, as well as the hieroglyph discovered on ancient city walls in South America, can be viewed as the predecessors of Street Art. In the last 40 years, the contemporary artistic movement of free expression which gained visibility and notoriety in the US in the 1970’s with spray painted tags on subways and alley walls, has transformed streets and urban environs worldwide. Today, the artists creating Street Art are redefining an art form expressed to public spaces in order to entertain, decorate, or protest using many different mediums, from mosaic and knitting to paint and collage.

Born in controversy and the dark of night, this exhibition invites you to explore and create your own version of a now vibrant and respected art form: Street Art.


Because this is a virtual exhibition, it is critical that submitted images be of the best possible quality: in focus, with clear details, and following SAQA's digital image requirements. Please read Virtual Gallery Submission Guidelines for more details.

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About the Curators

Elisabeth Nacenta- de la Croix

Elisabeth is a Swiss art quilter who speaks four languages, with award winning work that has been exhibited around the world and can be found in multiple collections abroad and at home. A SAQA member since 2007, Elisabeth has twice been a curator, once for the EPM exhibit, “Tangle”. She is a member of the International Quilt Museum’s Acquisition Committee and of the international art group, Viewpoints9. Her website is  

Isabelle Wiessler

Fabric and fiber are the basic materials for Isabelle Wiessler’s mixed media art. The boundaries of textile are fluidly broken; either the quilted ground structures the surface and produces a rhythm which integrates light and shadow into the composition or through painting, stitching and manipulation of specific fibers. Living in the southwest of Germany, Isabelle has frequently exhibited her work and has given mixed-media workshops internationally. She is a member of the International Group QuiltArt. 

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