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Abstract art uses the pure elements and principles of design to create emotions and thoughts in the viewer. Because it is so free and unbounded from the real world, the diversity of abstract art is truly stunning. In the way a poem distills a novel into a few words, let your abstract art offer the essence of an idea using the vocabulary of line, shape, rhythm, texture, color, value and composition. 

This exhibition will premiere in Europe. There is no minimum size; maximum is eight feet (2.4 m) in any direction. Both 2D and 3D works are eligible. 


Max Berk Textile Collection, Palatinate Museum, Heidelberg, Germany - opens September 15, 2024



Wall-hung (2D and 3D) and freestanding artwork are eligible. No ceiling suspended pieces.

  • Pieces may not exceed 96” (8 ft or 2.4m) in height, width, or depth. There is NO minimum size.
  • All artwork must fit through a standard 34” doorway. 
  • Wall-hung pieces (2D and 3D) must hang without distortion. Traditional quilt sleeves, stretcher bars, framed or mounted work, and other hanging mechanisms are acceptable. 
  • Artwork must meet SAQA’s definition of an art quilt: "a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure." 

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Artists must be a current SAQA member to enter this call. $50 USD for up to 3 entries. $40 ($10 Early Bird Discount) if all entries submitted by November 15, 2023. Entry fee must be paid online before the entry deadline via a credit card or PayPal at www.saqa.com/fees.

If you have questions about this exhibition, please refer to SAQA’s Exhibition Guidelines and FAQs where many exhibition related questions are answered. If you have any further questions, please contact us at calls@saqa.art.

Submission Form

Important Dates
  • November 1, 2023 - Online Entry Opens
  • November 30, 2023 - Online Entry Deadline at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT/UTC-4)   
  • January 31, 2024 - Notification of Acceptance via email
  • April 30, 2024 - Artwork to be RECEIVED by SAQA (details provided upon acceptance)
  • September 15, 2024 - Exhibition Opens at Max Berk Textile Collection, Palatinate Museum
  • December 31, 2027 - End of Exhibition (work will be returned by February 28, 2028)
About the Jurors

Juror headshotSue Hotchkis received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree in Textiles from the Manchester Metropolitan University.  In 2007, she left teaching and to work full time in her studio in the Highlands of Scotland.

By using print techniques and machine stitch, she creates two and three-dimensional abstract wall pieces, saturated with colour and stitch, to highlight the beauty found in the processes of ageing and decay.

Hotchkis has exhibited nationally and internationally, including most recently, Quilt National ’23, and her work has been included in multiple publications.  She has undertaken private commissions, and is currently a member of the international textile group, Quilt Art.

Juror headshotClaire Passmore is a British born textile artist currently living in Mauritius. From her first career as a teacher, she re-learned to think, the way children often do, that ‘almost anything is possible’. Over the past 15 years she has developed a studio practice creating art quilts in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Relocating to a new home every few years, Passmore takes inspiration from each of the places she lives. Strong colour, line, and texture feature strongly in her work.

Passmore’s art is in both private and museum collections and is exhibited in galleries, museums and other interesting venues all over the world. She was especially delighted to have a very personal piece included in the 8th European Quilt Triennial in 2021.  She is a member of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and was the host for the first ever Fiberart Forum Online 2022 event. Passmore is also a Juried Artist member of SAQA, and serves on their Board of Directors.


Juror headshotDr. Kristine Scherer received her PhD with distinction, in European and East Asian Art History and also in Romance studies. She has been the Curator of the Max Berk Textile Collection in Heidelberg since 1992. In this role, she has organised almost 90 exhibitions and has published multiple articles about contemporary textile art and historical subjects.

Dr. Scherer has been the Juror in numerous renowned competitions, such as the International Lace Biennial in Brussels, the State Award of Baden-Württemberg and also of Hessen, and the International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial in Riga, to name a few.

Due to her long-standing involvement in the German Quilt Biennial and European Quilt Triennial, she has developed personal relationships with many artists over the years, has become a profound connoisseur of the art quilt world.

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El arte abstracto utiliza los elementos y principios puros del diseño para generar emociones y pensamientos en el espectador. Al ser tan libre y desvinculado del mundo real, la diversidad del arte abstracto es realmente asombrosa. Del mismo modo en que un poema puede destilar una novela en pocas palabras, deja que tu arte abstracto ofrezca la esencia de una idea utilizando el vocabulario de la línea, la forma, el ritmo, la textura, el color, el valor y la composición.

Esta exposición se estrenará en Europa. No hay tamaño mínimo; el máximo es de 2,4 m en cualquier dirección. Se admiten obras tanto en 2D como en 3D.

L'art abstrait utilise les éléments et les principes purs de la conception pour créer des émotions et des pensées chez l'observateur. Parce qu'il est si libre et sans lien avec le monde réel, la diversité de l'art abstrait est vraiment étonnante. De la même manière qu'un poème résume un roman en quelques mots, laissez votre art abstrait offrir l'essence d'une idée en utilisant le vocabulaire de la ligne, de la forme, du rythme, de la texture, de la couleur, de la valeur et de la composition.

Abstrakte Kunst nutzt die klaren Elemente und Prinzipien von Design, um Emotionen und Gedanken beim Beobachter zu erwecken. Weil diese Kunstform so frei und ungebunden von der realen Welt ist, ist die Vielfalt der abstrakten Kunst zutiefst erstaunlich.

So wie ein Gedicht einen Roman in wenige Worte destillieren kann, lassen Sie Ihre abstrakte Kunstideen mit dem Vokabular von Linie, Form, Rhythmus, Textur, Farbe, Farbtonwert und Komposition für sich sprechen.

Diese Ausstellung wird in Europa ihr Debut haben.

Es ist keine Mindestgröße vorgeschrieben, das Maximum ist 2,4 m (acht Fuß) in jegliche Richtung. Zugelassen sind sowohl 2D- als auch 3D-Werke.


Image Requirements


It is critical that submitted images be of the best possible quality: in focus, with clear details, and following SAQA's digital image requirements. Read Tips for Successful Art Quilt Photography and  Submitting Digital Images first!  

  • For each wall-hung 2D entry (depth is less than 2 inches), submit one full view front digital image and one detail digital image. 
  • For each 3D artwork (wall-hung or freestanding), submit one overall front image and two detail images (one should showcase the depth)
  • Full-view images MUST show all the edges along with a small amount of background.  
  • Digital images must be saved as a high-quality JPEG or JPG file (No TIFF files). Do not use your name or initials in the filename (title is fine). 
  • Finished images should be at least 2100 pixels on the longest side and not more than 4200 pixels.
  • Files should NOT exceed more than 12 MB per file for 2D submissions (form max is 25 MB) 
  • Files should NOT exceed more than 8 MB per file for 3D submissions (form max is 25MB)

Common errors include:

  • Images that are out of focus or too small
  • Cropping images too closely on the full-view image. All edges of the artwork  must be visible along with a small amount of contrasting background. Do NOT crop your photo into any part of the artwork as this may disqualify your entry.
  • Your background should be neutral and not include distracting elements such as hands, floors, studio, pets, pins, etc.
More Details


For information on eligibility and policies, please refer to SAQA's Exhibition Guidelines and FAQs.

Jurying of the exhibition is by digital image. Information and resources for submitting digital images can be found on SAQA’s website, Digital Image Submission Guidelines.

For specific information on shipping for exhibitions, please refer to SAQA’s Shipping Guidelines. For non-U.S. members, please refer to Shipping Reimbursement (non-US members).


You will be asked to agree with these terms and conditions. “I agree to loan my artwork to Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. I understand the costs of insuring and shipping my artwork to the shipping center in Ohio are my responsibility. I further agree to permit the images or detail images and/or all or part of my artist statement to be used in the exhibition catalog, articles, ads, promotions, books, websites, blogs, CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and/or multi-media productions for and about the exhibition or for and about the shows at which the exhibition may be seen. I confirm, to the best of my knowledge, the artwork entered is original and does not violate any copyright or trademark laws."