Sandy Curran

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Newport News, VA
United States

Artist Statement
Quilting entered my life in 1998. From the first stitch, I was hooked. Like many quilt artists, I began with very traditional work; hand applique and hand quilting. I soon felt the need to make my own patterns, colors, techniques. With no formal training in art, I gradually found myself using this craft to express my unfulfilled desire to create.

My love of animals, fear for our planet, frustration with aging, love of color, and empathy for people in pain has found its way into my work. Sometimes my quilts are cathartic, a way to exorcise the pain and fears in life. Sometimes my work is an expression of my joy in the things I love. Often, eyes, the "window to our souls" are central. For me, if the eyes are alive, I have succeeded.