Regina Dunn

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

DeLand, FL
United States

Artist Statement
Most of my artworks are inspired by nature; especially cycles in the natural world. Sometimes my inspiration is a photograph, sometimes it is an arrangement of plants I’ve seen, or it could even be a phrase I’ve heard that triggers deeper thought.

In my series, “Transformations”, I explore changes or phases we experience with the passage of time. The imagery I use has deeper meanings to me than would at first be seen. For example, a leaf image that appears as a focal point in some of the pieces appears to be deteriorating, which could, at first, be interpreted as sad. However, when things decay, their particles go on to give life to other things, which is noble and valuable. The focus could be, instead, to see what new, wondrous things form and happen because of this change. The techniques I incorporate such as dyeing fabrics in several values of the same hue, over-dyeing to produce more complex texture, printing with thin layers of specialized fabric paint, and stitching by hand all work together to create a gentle flow of shapes, line, and color. In essence, I use color and botanic depictions to act as metaphors for seasons of emotion we experience.

In my series, “Magic Carpet”, I use images and fragments of embroideries from around the world as the metaphors for the changes and cycles of life. To that end, I vary the values and transparencies of the images to symbolize aspects of life such as maturing, becoming, meditating, and learning. I use hand stitching to unify and to add to the symbolism.