Melani K Brewer

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Cooper City, FL
United States

Artist Statement
Nature has always been an important theme in my artwork and my life. Today, perhaps more than ever before, we are beginning to realize how much the environment matters for the existence of Nature.

Climate change, global warming, our carbon footprint, and extinction are all connected. Over time I have addressed many of these issues in my artwork. As a biologist, my greatest concern is endangered species and the dangers of extinction. The loss of one species has profound consequences on the survival of another. Earth’s own story is one of evolution and extinction. Cataclysmic as well as tiny events have led to the deaths of millions of living things over time. Yet life has persevered. We think we are immune to extinction. Without preserving our environment we risk that fate as well.

We have the gift of reason and a great responsibility. We must become stewards of the earth and all its life forms.

As an artist, I hope to make people aware of the Earth’s fragility.