When The Last Clinic Closes

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When The Last Clinic Closes
37 in
34 in
7.5 in
(94 cm x 86 cm x 19 cm)
Photo Credit
Matt Horton
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Crows are the messengers in my political series. Dark in color and presence, they represent change, death, new beginnings, impending doom, warnings or blessings. In this work they represent the desolate side of an issue facing women in our country today. WARNING Women's rights are under attack. Roe V Wade is in jeopardy of being overturned.

For years women died because of crude abortions performed in back alleys.

We must stand together to support and defend a woman's right to choose. We will not go back to dark alleys and coat hangers. We will not live a "Handmaid's Tale". We cannot lose everything we fought so hard to attain.

Protect a woman's right to choose for all women now and in the future.

Respect a woman's choice. Hear our voices. We will not go backwards. We will resist. We will prevail. We will vote.
Cotton fabrics, buckram, liquid soft body acrylic paints, thread, hand made paper mache, metal coat hanger, liquitex fluid mate medium, dye-na flow by jacquard, black netting, silk hankies, Black Dream polyester batting, wool roving, yarn, black ink.
Machine felting, machine quilting, dye painting, fabric manipulation, thread painting, drawing, painting, hand stitching, writing.