Irene Koroluk

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Taroona TAS

Artist Statement
I am a Tasmanian artist whose practice draws on my connections with the natural environment. My work aims to capture and reveal beauty and diversity in the landscape. Drawing from my imagination, memory and personal experiences from my travels and explorations, I depict both stillness and movement through detailed and layered interpretations of the places I have encountered.

My tactile and detailed art quilts often use mixed media in their compositions, encompassing drawing, printmaking, photography, and painting.

Interested in the fragility and transitory nature of the landscape, my work aims to instill the value and importance of appreciating and protecting natural habitats, highlighting the places and species that touch and replenish my soul.

I graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017, preceded by a Master of Environmental Studies. Since graduating I have exhibited in numerous fine art and textile exhibitions around Australia.