Traversing the Night

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Traversing the Night
31 in
46 in
(79 cm x 117 cm)
Photo Credit
Bruce Champion
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'Traversing the Night' draws my experience of walking through Australia's bush, captivated by the magic of a moonlit night. This work considers how one navigates the landscape in darkness with a heightened sense of self and place. Drawing on my personal experience, imagination, and memory, this work aims to capture and reveal the wonderment and otherworldly nature of Tasmania's woodlands, enhanced by the magic of night and moon shadow. A location where night skies are clear and stars are visible, where eucalypts tower over 200 feet, grass trees are hundreds of years old, and gnarled paperbarks shed their multiple layers of paper thin bark. A place where one is entranced by the sublime nature of losing oneself in time and space, and feeling replenished.
Fabric, thread, bleach, batting, black marker
Free motion machine stitched on discharged black fabric