SOFA Chicago 2022 (SAQA Special Exhibition)

Taking place annually at Chicago's Navy Pier, SOFA Chicago explores materiality and meaning in sculpture, objects, functional art and wearable design, along with a curated selection of self-taught and contemporary art. SOFA is a confluence of perspectives where art, design, and people intersect.

Unfortunately, this event was canceled by the organizers but scroll down to view selected pieces and a statement from juror Carol Sauvion.

Juror Statement

Carol Sauvion

I applaud the creative freedom in the SAQA Intersect Chicago submissions, which brilliantly demonstrate how the medium of quilts has evolved. I began the jurying process with an open mind, remembering that one should try to approach a work of art without preconceptions. As I took my first journey through the submitted works, I was struck by the variety: some artistically bound to the traditional idea of a quilt and some using this idea as a starting point for their personal methods and metaphors.

Nature’s beauty is imbedded in many of the entries for Intersect Chicago, along with the message to recycle and sustain. The COVID 19 pandemic has influenced many of the quilt makers and the return to the handmade for comfort has become a marker of these perilous times. Art often contains political expression and that is certainly the case with several of the quilts submitted for Intersect Chicago. 

Tradition and innovation are evident in these excellent quilts. I hope viewers enjoy the inventiveness in these powerful contemporary iterations of an historic craft.

About the Juror:

Carol Sauvion is the Creator of Craft in America, the documentary series celebrating American craft and the artists who bring it to life. The Craft in America series airs nationwide on PBS.

Sauvion is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Craft in America, which has a mission is to promote and advance original handcrafted work through educational programs in all media. Projects include the PBS documentary series; the book, Craft in America: Celebrating Two Centuries of Artists and Objects; two inclusive websites:, and the Craft in America Center, located in Los Angeles and open free to the public. The Center originates exhibitions with catalogs, hosts artists’ talks and workshops and provides access to a large craft library.  

Craft is Sauvion’s lifelong passion. For the past 41 years, she has been the director of Freehand, her Los Angeles gallery specializing in functional craft. Prior to her involvement in the gallery, she was a potter for ten years. She continues to make pots as an avocation. She is currently on the board of the American Craft Council.


Selected Artists

Susan Avishai (Ontario, Canada) - Day
Beth Blankenship (Alaska, USA) - Tide Pool:  Urchins
Jayni Bloch (Ontario, Canada) - Earth Cycles
Helen Blumen (Maryland, USA) - Fanfare
Pat Budge (Idaho, USA) - Pendleton
Lisa Charles (Wyoming, USA) - When Planes meet Trains
Sue Colozzi (Massachusetts, USA) - Salt Marsh Egret
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - Body of Work
Donna Deaver (Idaho, USA) - View From the Water - Amsterdam
Petra Fallaux (Pennsylvania, USA) - Polder Horizon #1
Alisa Golden (California, USA) - Conversation
Laurel Izard (Indiana, USA) - Clowns and Soldiers
Annette Kennedy (Texas, USA) - Winter Song
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Dustbowl Diary
Ingrid Lincoln (Manitoba, Canada) - Things Fall Apart
Zwia Lipkin (California, USA) - Blue Planet Blues
Viviana  Lombrozo (California, USA) - Vessels to Hold Fleeting Moments (Consists of 3 pieces)
Niraja C Lorenz (Oregon, USA) - Cosmos 4-Spiral Galaxay
Denise Oyama Miller (California, USA) - Ahwahnee
Jo-Ann Morgan (South Carolina, USA) - Elegy for Elijah
Clara Nartey (Connecticut, USA) - Rhoda aka Rhodolite
Tasha Owen (Washington, USA) - Five Wishes
Sharon M Peoples (ACT, Australia) - Sowing the Garden
Wen Redmond (New Hampshire, USA) - Cormorant's Perch
Alison Schwabe (Uruguay) - Slideshow
Sally Sellers (Washington, USA) - Don't
Maria Shell (Alaska, USA) - TWIST
Terri Shinn (Washington, USA) - Dragon Tree
Jim S Smoote (Illinois, USA) - Nas and Neil
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Quiet Places
Laura Wasilowski (Illinois, USA) - Natural Gardening #5
Rosanna Lynne Welter (Utah, USA) - Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

In the Exhibition
Denise Oyama Miller - Ahwahnee
Denise Oyama Miller
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 Zwia Lipkin - Blue Planet Blues
Zwia Lipkin
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Laurel Izard - Clowns and Soldiers
Laurel Izard
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 Alisa Golden - Conversation
Alisa Golden
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Wen Redmond - Cormorant's Perch
Wen Redmond
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Niraja C Lorenz - Cosmos 4 - Spiral Galaxy
Niraja Lorenz
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Susan  Avishai - Day
Susan Avishai
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 Sally Sellers - Don't
Sally Sellers
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Terri Shinn - Dragon Tree
Terri Shinn
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Patty Kennedy-Zafred - Dustbowl Diary
Patty Kennedy-Zafred
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 Jayni Bloch - Earth Cycles
Jayni Bloch
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 Helen Blumen - Fanfare
Helen Blumen
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 Tasha Owen - Five Wishes
Tasha Ann Owen
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jim s smoote - Nas and Neil
Jim Smoote II
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Laura Wasilowski - Natural Gardening #5a
Laura Wasilowski
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Pat Budge - Pendleton
Pat Budge
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Petra Fallaux - Polder Horizon #1
Petra Fallaux
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Clara Nartey - Rhoda aka Rhodolite
Clara Nartey
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Sue Colozzi - Salt Marsh Egret
Sue Colozzi
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Alison Schwabe - Slideshow
Alison Schwabe
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 Rosanna Lynne Welter - Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind
Rosanna Lynne Welter
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Ingrid Lincoln - Things Fall Apart
Ingrid Lincoln
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Beth Blankenship -Tide Pool: Urchins
Beth Blankenship
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 Maria Shell - TWIST
Maria Shell
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 Viviana  Lombrozo - Vessels to Hold Fleeting Moments (Consists of 3 pieces)
Viviana Lombrozo
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Donna Deaver - View From the Water - Amsterdam
Donna Deaver
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 Lisa Charles - When Planes Meet Trains
Lisa Charles
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 Annette Kennedy - Winter Song
Annette E Kennedy
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Linda Colsh - Body of Work
Linda Colsh
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 Jan Soules - Quiet Places
Jan Soules
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Sharon M Peoples - Sowing the Garden
Sharon M. Peoples
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