Made entirely from worn, rescued, or deconstructed clothing, and cast-off interior design swatches, my textile pieces raise awareness about the paradoxical cycle of exploitive garment manufacture, coupled with our enormous problem of textile waste. We are inattentive consumers quickly outgrowing a fragile world. My diverted stream of fabrics is infinitesimal in the absolute, but it can spark conversation about transformation, responsibility, and mindfulness. The patina of life and wear in used textiles has become my medium for reimagining and reclaiming both dignity and whimsy. This piece is from a series that follows the hours of the day in abstracted grids. Using the slashing technique to strip away and fragment layers, other delicate materials and colours reveal themselves, as a mosaic-like consolidated capture of a specific time, ironically created through the further destruction of discarded textiles.
Deconstructed cast-off clothing, recycled designer swatches
Slashed, machine stitched