Winter Blues

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Winter Blues
36.5 in
27.5 in
(93 cm x 70 cm)
Photo Credit
Joe Ofria
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Winter Blues is part of a series made during the darkest part of the pandemic. During that time, I had been meeting with friends in a grove of trees. The grove, and the light I could see through the canopy of leaves, became metaphors for safety and security and my hope for a return to joy. The undulations and indentations of the rhododendron leaf permitted other leaves to be visible underneath after layering. The profusion of leaves and the grid-like structure of the piece evokes the feeling of stability I so longed for at that time.
Cotton, fabric paint, ink, chalk pastels, pens
Dyed, painted, sunprinted, monoprinted, stamped, stenciled, pieced, fused, appliqu├ęd