SAQA Seminar 2022 - Unit 2: Surface Design

For our second unit of the 2022 SAQA Seminar, we will revisit the second SAQA Seminar: Surface Design, launched in 2017.  

Start with two video conversations with Susan Shie and Camille Hawbaker. Read two article highlights from the 2017 Surface Design Seminar by Pat Pauly and Jill Kerttula.  Then jump ahead to new resources and a two-part activity to help you test and compare different approaches. Enjoy your explorations.

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SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Susan Shie walks us through the process of creating her newest art quilt from sketch to air brush to air pen to stitching.
SAQA Seminar (Video Presentation)
Do you want to learn how to combine botanical printing and surface design techniques? Watch this recording to hear Jane Dunnewold talk about the process.
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)

Camille Hawbaker is a printmaker and fiber artist interested in using silk and thread to create fine art. This video conversation leads the viewer through her techniques in various works in the order that she made them. Along the way...

Get your camera ready! In this two-part activity, you will create some quick collages and use photos to document your creative process.


Now That I've Made This, I Can't Cut It! by Pat Pauly

Excellent article on a subject everyone who makes marks on fabric has thought about. Solutions and suggestions, great illustrations.

Melding Photos and Stitches Together by Jill Kerttula

Jill does really meld her photos and stitches, beyond the usual. With careful planning of photos and combining various surface design techniques, she takes the viewer inside the images, creating the meaning she intends.


Four 10-25 minute videos for dyers from a presentation by Ann Johnston prepared for SAQA Oregon in 2021, answering questions submitted by the group.  Available for free on her website

Did you enjoy the free videos?  Ann's DVD Color by Accident is available in hard copy or streaming video, both with Spanish Subtitles. 

Watch SAQA Member, Judith Content's Dry Dye Demo revealing interesting Shibori patterns.


Color by Accident, by Ann Johnston is no longer in print. It is available in a free downloadable pdf.

Color by Design, Paint and Print with Dye, 2nd edition by Ann Johnston.

Best of Both Worlds: Enhanced Botanical Printing by Jane Dunnewold. 2020. Guide to printing paper and fabric with plant materials.

Dimensional Cloth Art: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists by Andra Fischgrund Stanton, 2018. Sculpting in fabric is shown in detail here, with more than 350 photographs of 3-D cloth configurations along with profiles of the 78 artists who created them.

From Thread to Needle: Contemporary Embroidery Art by Charlotte Vannier, 2019. Showcasing over 80 international artists who incorporate embroidery into their practice, this book provides a survey of embroidery in contemporary art, illustrating the huge range of ways in which the craft has been embraced as a form of creative expression.

Organizations with more materials on surface design

European Textile Network

Surface Design Association

Artist Websites to Visit

Lisa Walton, Australia

Kit Vincent, Canada

Isabelle Wiessler, Germany

Eszter Bornemisza, Hungary 

Bobbi Baugh, Florida, USA 

Bisa Butler, New York, USA


Do you want to keep exploring?  More resources are available in the SAQA Seminar from 2017.


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