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Printed imagery, and sewn fibers, are a seemingly ancient combination. At their confluence there is pigment and pressure, woven layers, and borders sewn with fiber.  There is color and also texture, form, intention, ingenuity, and many stories. Textile and print go hand in hand, and the combinations are constantly being reinvented.  Printmakers often reference fiber and stitching, while textile artists/art quilters incorporate printed elements into their work.

California Society of Printmakers (CSP) and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) are working together to examine the overlap between the hand pulled print, and the art quilt. This is a call for new work exploring work that is both printed and stitched.

Participation is open to members of both groups. There are no other restrictions in terms of theme or subject matter.

Submissions open on Nov 14, 2022 with a deadline of Dec 16, 2022



Artists must be CSP members OR SAQA members and membership must be current as of 2022/2023.

Eligible SAQA artists must be members of either the Northern California/Northern Nevada or Southern California/Southern Nevada region. Participation is open to SAQA artists for whom California/Nevada is their selected secondary region. See for SAQA membership information. 

Open to CSP Artist, Student and Honorary Members. Must be current with  past 3 years member dues paid (or up to joining CSP if a member for less than 3 years). For information about membership in the California Society of Printmakers, see: 

$35 USD for up to 3 entries. Entry fee must be paid online before the entry deadline via a credit card or PayPal at



Artwork must meet the SAQA definition of an art quilt AND the CSP definition of a fine art print: 

The art quilt is a creative vision work that is layered and stitched or that references the form of stitched layered structure. 

The fine art, hand-pulled print may employ traditional printmaking techniques, such as etching, lithography, relief printing, and silk screen. It also includes hybrid prints, monoprints, elements of digital prints, and artist books, so long as some hand printmaking is involved. 

Size Requirements:

  • The majority of works accepted into Printed & Stitched will be 2D wall art. The total size of submitted 2D work (including frame, if used) should be no less than 10” on any side and no more than 40” on any side. 
  • The exhibition will also accommodate a limited number of 3D works/book arts. For 3D work, maximum sizes should be less than 24” for any dimension. If the 3D work can be disassembled or will lay flat, the maximum dimensions can be 40” maximum on a side. 
  • Artwork included in Printed & Stitched must travel well. If framed, two dimensional works may have a maximum depth of 3”, and only plexiglass will be allowed. There must be no sharp or breakable objects attached to unframed work which may need to be rolled for shipping. Book art should arrive carefully boxed with specific display instructions. 

All artwork must be for sale. Sold pieces will be available to buyers when the show closes at the last booked venue. 

All art must be available through July 2027. 


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For SAQA: Barbara Kibbe: (Northern California/Northern Nevada); Connie Rohman: (Southern California/Southern Nevada) 

For CSP: Kevin Harris:; Kate Deak: 




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