Dyeing Techniques - Carole Anne Grotrian

SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)

Carol Anne Grotrian explains her unique process of creating whole cloth pictorial quilts using shibori, indigo and dye. Also included below is a great list of books and other resources.

Additional Resources

Carol Anne wanted to share some additional resources and suggestions for anyone who would like to explore dye, indigo and shibori.

Dyeing Alchemy
by Diane Franklin
A primer of fiber reactive (Procion MX) dye on plant based fabrics.  Explains dyeing by weight. A companion interactive workbook does the math. Helpful for dyers unfamiliar with metric measurements.

Dyes & Paints: A Hands on Guide to Coloring Fabric
by Elin Noble
Comprehensive instructions on the many ways fiber reactive dyes can be used. 

Indigo Dyeing
by Vivien Prideaux
Information on indigo plants, history and good step by step photos on using an indigo vat. Recipes include traditional ingredients and omit pre-reduced indigo, a more recent, easier form of the dye.

ProChemical & Dye
Besides dye supplies, they provide instruction sheets with clear information on dyeing with fiber reactive dyes and pre-reduced indigo. They even offer free technical support: 508-676-3838.

Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist
by Wada Yoshilo and Mary Kellogg Rice
The “bible” of shibori, detailing the amazing diversity of techniques found in this centuries-old tradition.