Susie Monday

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Pipe Creek, TX
United States

Artist Statement
Several threads run through my creative life and the work of hands -- the making -- that I do for myself: color, pattern, kinesthetic and aesthetic notions, a subtle level of storytelling and narrative, a sensual desire for the tactile qualities of materials, the joy of seeing and having “stuff” in multiple numbers, a fascination with color, a desire for spontaneity and the excitement of seeing what happens next -- my strong call to movement, texture, and repetition.

I get to “do” all these things when working with art cloth.

I have a bank of skills -- hand embroidery and needlepoint, bead making and silk screening, machine piecing, collaging, drawing and layering of images, and digital design-- that lend themselves to cloth. The physical work itself has lots of variety, essential for my character -- in size of the action, scope, functionality, wet and dry, meticulous and off-the-cuff.