On the Day You Were Born: The Sun Flared

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On the Day You Were Born: The Sun Flared
40 in
78 in
(102 cm x 198 cm)
Photo Credit
Ansen Seale
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Working abstractly (and even not) titles often come to me during the process of making. This piece, painted on my iPad with a simple child's app that uses simple shapes as "brushes," begged for size, so having it commercially printed running lengthwise on the yardage allowed me to work much larger than with previous whole cloth works. Making an all-over pattern intensity of color and energy was the aim, but a bit later, while I was adding hand stitching and appliqué elements, a friend read aloud the children's book On the Day You Were Born by Debra Fraser. The gift of hearing it: a title and a series that abstractly interprets the book and its beautiful message of unity, community, and welcome.
Digitally designed fabric, cotton, printed commercially, thread, batting, fusible webbing.
Machine and hand stitch on fused raw-edge appliqué.