Linda Syverson Guild

Syverson Guild
Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Bethesda, MD
United States

Artist Statement
I am an architect who ‘builds’ designs in fabric. When I began to seriously create art quilts, the pieces were geometric with the flavor of my architectural sketches always having a story. One of my professors instructed the design class to, “Let the project be the story, don’t make the story fit the work.” This statement continues to influence how my art is created today.

My work maintains a connection to architectural theory, whether the manifestation is realistic or abstract. The implied architecture provides a balance that might not otherwise exist, frequently becoming the expression of how colors and shapes relate. The story develops with the fiber art, at times unpredictable, but always circling a continuous line of construct.

I find that my favorite pieces grow out of an amalgam of scraps. There is permission implied when new fabric is not cut to create the art. Working in this mode, I strive to make something fun from a pile of fabric that might otherwise be tossed.