Linda Anderson

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

La Mesa, CA
United States

Artist Statement
I am drawn to observing humans all around the world as I travel. It is fascinating to see how living daily life in the 4 corners of the globe involves so many similar actions that each of us performs throughout the day, whatever our address. At first, I find myself visually enthralled with outward color, design, and fashion that may be unique to a culture. But then, I see the common humanity underneath that we all share. The moments of work, repose, pride, fellowship, joy, sadness, fears, family, dreaming, celebration, defeat.....these universal experiences help reinforce our sense of shared identity. That touches and softens me profoundly. It broadens my understanding of the human connection. And in a world with so many divisions between differences, and oppression and discrimination of "other", I want to create stories that connect us. This is my response to "man's inhumanity to man", which is painful and angering. I want to honor the dignity of all people.