Sunlight in the Forest

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Sunlight in the Forest
58 in
65 in
(147 cm x 165 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Durbin, husband
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One of my favorite places is the redwood forest. This scene kept calling to me because the of contrast of the dark woods and the bright green foliage. I decided to use a three panel presentation to give me options when hanging the piece. This also became a pleasant variation in the design. I'm happy that the recent quilt movement has allowed me the freedom to experiment with non-traditional methods for my artwork.
Cotton fabrics, mostly prints and batiks; acrylic fabric paints for background; Warm cotton batting; and nylon tulle.
Raw edge collage of printed fabrics. Sky and background are painted on white fabric. The dark areas are overlaid with tulle. Heavy thread use and machine quilting to add details. I use a domestic machine.